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Lake Geneva Wi Carpet Cleaning® The best in carpet cleaning and has been providing Lake Geneva Wi with Professional Carpet Cleaning services to homes and businesses with the highest quality and most efficient professional carpet cleaning services in the industry for Lake Geneva Wi Carpet Cleaning. Every carpet cleaning job is very important to us. We are fully trained and experienced in carpet cleaning in Lake Geneva.  Follow Lake Geneva Carpet Cleaning® on all social media which is at the bottom of our page!                     

We are a local carpet cleaning company and live in Lake Geneva Wi. Lake Geneva Carpet Cleaning® has Completed over 20,000 carpets in Homes & Businesses Carpet Cleaned in Lake Geneva Wi Area for 29 YearsPlease check out our jobs in action videos on YouTube YouTube Channel for Lake Geneva Carpet Cleaning                                                                 

You get the deepest, safest and healthiest carpet cleaning ever with Lake Geneva Carpet Cleaning® or we re-clean it for FREE! We use a Door Guard so you’re door is not left open because of the carpet cleaning hoses so no heat, ac, children or pets can escape! We also can clean under you’re beds now.  Just remove everything that is under you’re bed and we will clean it. No need to move it or skip cleaning under the bed. 

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At Lake Geneva Wi Carpet Cleaning, we take our time to do your Lake Geneva Wi carpet cleaning job right, because we know that quality work takes time! At Lake Geneva Wi Carpet Cleaning we don’t sell on the lowest price or fast carpet cleanings…We sell service, expertise, quality & commitment – all at a competitive price for carpet cleaning!



Lake Geneva Carpet Cleaning® Cleans Carpet With a Truck-Mounted Hot Water (Steam) Extraction Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning is Deeper – Removing All of The Dirt & Germs! Dries Faster – Less Inconvenience Having Your Carpet Cleaning by our Company in Lake Geneva Wi! Lake Geneva Carpet Cleaning® Has Built our Great Carpet Cleaning Reputation by High Quality Carpet Cleaning, Our Guarantee, Outstanding Carpet Cleaning Service, Reliability, Honesty and Fair Pricing.  Lake Geneva Carpet Cleaning® uses the Latest Cutting Edge Technology When it Comes to Carpet Cleaning. No Other Company Compares to Lake Geneva Carpet Cleaning® When it Comes to Carpet Cleaning in Lake Geneva Wi!  

Lake Geneva Carpet Cleaning® offers FREE phone carpet cleaning approximate estimates for homes.  We also offer Facetime estimates where you show us all of the carpeted areas and any concerned spots or odors and we will be able to give you a FIRM quote! For commercial jobs we will come out in person for a estimate.

Our Services:

  • Truck-mounted Hot Water Extraction Deep Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Grooming
  • Carpet Vacuuming
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • VLM = Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet and Upholstery Protectors
  • Spot and Odor Removal 
  • Tile/Grout Cleaning Floors Only, new updated cleaning wand and cleaning agents
  • Flood Removal / Water Damage
  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
  • Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Pet Urine Decontamination
  • Carpet Pile Lifting
  • Vent/Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Pet Spot / Odor Removal
  • Carpet and Upholstery Sanitizing
  • CRB Scrubber for Heavily Soiled Carpets
  • Drying Equipment Rental
  • Garage Floors Steam Cleaned Epoxy & Concrete
  • See Below For Financing!

We specialize in RED & YELLOW Carpet Stain Removal!

Proudly Serving Carpet Cleaning to: Lake Geneva, Williams Bay, East Troy, Walworth, Paddock Lake, Fontana, Genoa City, Elkhorn, Trevor, Twin Lakes, Wilmot, Delavan, Silver Lake, Salem, Zenda, Como, Linn, Wheatland, Burlington, Pell Lake, Bristol, Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Lyons, Bloomfield, Richmond IL, Spring Grove IL, Hebron, IL, Woodstock IL, McHenry IL, Antioch IL, Harvard IL, Fox Lake IL, Huntley IL, Crystal Lake IL

We are now offering VLM Carpet Cleaning for Businesses, Hotels, High Rises and for areas that we cannot reach with the truckmounted system. VLM is a very low moisture cleaning called encapsulation. If you are looking for a very fast dry time or in between deep cleaning this is for you. It does not work for homes. Only for commercial grade low pile carpet.

Encapsulation cleaning is an interim carpet maintenance method. In this process, the encapsulating chemical is sprayed onto and then brushed into the carpet using a cylindrical or rotary brush machine or bonnet. The encapsulation chemistry surrounds each soil particle and crystallizes it so it can’t attract other soils. The encapsulated soil particles release from the carpet fiber and are removed by normal vacuuming, which will generally be done by the janitorial staff at regularly scheduled times.

Since this is a low-moisture system, carpets can be put back into use promptly. This process allows maintenance companies to provide a continual high level of appearance and while generating high levels of productivity. This method is designed for commercial maintenance only.

Beautiful Lake Geneva Wi, The best place to live and for carpet cleaning!

Lake Geneva Wi Carpet Cleaning

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