Carpet Cleaning Prep Guide

Thank you for trusting us with your carpet cleaning. We promise you the best possible job with minimum inconvenience to your family. To accomplish this we ask your help in attending to the preparations below:

Please place the bottom of your full-length draperies through a hanger and hang them on the window sill or drapery rod. This will protect your draperies from water circling and allow our technicians to clean all the way to the wall without touching them & remove all floor vents.

Please pin up upholstered furniture skirts and bed skirts that could come in contact with damp carpeting. 

Remove all breakable items (lamps, figurines, decorative items, etc.) from furniture that, A) you have requested our technicians temporarily move to clean the carpet underneath or, B) that will be left in place in or around the area to be cleaned. Insurance regulations do not allow our technicians to move furniture with breakables present.

Please remove any items, toys, furniture, small pieces of furniture, such as dining room chairs, ottomans, magazine racks, etc., from the carpet to be cleaned. This will shorten cleaning time and return the carpet to use quicker.

Please refrain from smoking or vaping during the cleaning and while the carpet is drying.

Please keep away from our hoses at least 10 feet and please don’t touch them. They are very hot!

Be careful not to slip on the hard floors when walking off the damp carpet. Place towels on hard floors only to remind you.

Please don’t allow pets or children to play or site on the carpet until it is dry. No heavy traffic until carpet is dry. We will leave you one free pair of shoe protectors so that you can walk around with shoes or socks.

Please show our technicians any spots or stains that may require special attention, and identify the stain’s source when possible.

Please let your pets know that our technicians do not bite! We appreciate mutual consideration in this regard. We ask that all dogs be locked up before our arrival.

To speed the drying of your carpet please follow these guidelines: Summer—air conditioner set at 68°F or cooler. Winter—heat set at 68°F.  All seasons—circulate air around cleaned carpet with ceiling and box fans.

Please have a space available on the driveway & make sure outside or inside garage water faucet is accessible & clear of any objects in case we run out of water.  Not responsible for leaky faucets outside and in any garages.

Payment is due at the time of the service appointment. We accept cash, check, all major credit cards, Venmo and Zelle. Checks payable to Lake Geneva Carpet Cleaning.

Please make sure to vacuum before our arrival.


If you have antique furniture or other items that require special handling or attention when we clean your carpet, please let us know. We want you to be completely satisfied with our work in every respect!

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