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Lake Geneva Wi Carpet Cleaning

We are a family owned and operated carpet cleaning company for almost 3 decades. We use safe products for children, adults and pets. Most of all we use the truckmounted hot water extraction method which does not void your carpet warranty. Hot water extraction is the only deep cleaning method recommended by the carpet manufacturers and our training certification the IICRC. Any dry cleaning method is just a top surface cleaning. Dry does not mean the carpet will be dry after the carpet cleaning. It means less moisture or it is solvent based.

We handle all types of pet odors and spots. We offer a few Urine Decontamination packages. Which depends on how many spot’s, amount of the odor, if it is a dog or cat spot, type of carpet and ect. We evaluate it when we see the carpet and come up with the most cost effective and best way to remove the spot, odor and contamination. All of our pet treatments are safe.

Pet urine goes down to the carpet padding and the sub floor. Our main most cost effective treatment that most homes get only treats the fibers themselves which in some cases work’s fine. We also can treat the carpet, pad and subfloor by flushing it out with treatments down to the sub floor and extract it out with a special flood tool that it will remove most of the moisture and all of the contamination. Please view the chart below to see how pet urine contamination works.

This is the photo of the truck mounted carpet cleaning machine that we use. It’s mounted inside our van. Runs off our gas tank. Has a 21 horsepower motor. The water temp reaches 230-240 degrees. The vacuum has so much suction we can go 400 feet of hose from the truck. The average home is 125 feet which is a tremendous amount of vacuum. It weighs 1000lbs. We bring 110 gallon’s of soften water with us.

The water pressure is set at 450 psi and agitates the carpet. For tile and grout cleaning we raise it to 1100 psi. These machine’s are built like tanks and the average price on these are $30,000 for just the machine. We want the most power and reliability when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. We keep our equipment cleaned and sanitized daily. Carpet dry times can range from 15 minutes to 4 hours Approx. Carpet is always left damp to the touch.

About the president Bob Chylewski of Lake Geneva Carpet Cleaning. Before cleaning carpet I started off being a car mechanic building race car’s, working for Big O Tire’s, Sears Automotive and a independent repair shop. During that time I was also in the music industry playing guitar, writing and recording music, building my own guitars. My father was a tile setter and started taking me to work at a young age helping him and making extra money.

As I got older I started installing ceramic tile, sheet good’s, laminates, vinyl tile and wood floor’s. I also helped a relative of mine install and repair carpet. I decided to get into cleaning carpet because a friend of mine gave me the idea and sounded interesting. Since I was already in the flooring industry the transition was very easy. So I took all of the IICRC training classes and learned allot from a local carpet cleaner who was making back then 2 million dollar’s a year cleaning carpet. So I learned from one of the best and the biggest in the USA.

Here I am almost 3 decade’s later loving what I do and still learning something new every single day. In my free time I enjoy going down by the lake, dining out, cooking, walks, working out, spend time with family, music, sightseeing, movie’s and playing guitar. I will always try to better myself. I learn something new everyday!

We specialize in every single type of spill, spot and stain. Our main specialty is red and yellow stain removal. Our truck is fully stocked with all top shelf professional carpet spot removers. We try our best at removing stain’s but sometimes they are permanent. What can make them permanent is the type of spot, how long has it been on the carpet, unknown spot or if someone tried to clean up the spot themselves with home remedies or store bought spot removers. We usually get out 90% of spot’s. No professional can look at a spot and know if it will come out or not. We like to be honest up front.

How we differ from other carpet cleaner’s. We don’t over charge or use bait and switch tactic’s. We are honest and fair. We get fast dry times depending on ac or heat. The ideal cleaning temp is 68 degrees all year round. After the cleaning it can range from 68-70 degrees. In some cases we bring in professional carpet drying fan’s to speed up the drying. We are a proud member and resident of Lake Geneva Wi.

We also use a door guard in most case’s to keep the front doorway sealed because of our carpet cleaning hoses entering in. We are fully insured. We accept all major credit cards, cash, check, Zelle and Venmo. We show up for appointment’s. We call if we are running late and most of all we return phone call’s within 1-2 hours.

Being owner operated you deal direct with the owner. At time’s we are available for same day service. We also use corner guard’s to protect your wall’s from our carpet cleaning hose’s. We also send quotes, the date and time of the cleaning and text alert’s 8when we are on the way via text and email. We won business person of the year 4 time’s in the past 5 year’s out of over 800 local businesses with Alignable. It is a business networking site for Lake Geneva business owner’s.

We also give out one pair of shoe cover’s with every job. This way you can walk around on the clean carpet keeping your feet dry or you can wear your shoe’s. We recommend every homeowner to pre vacuum. We give out a FREE professional general spot remover bottle.

We also have a YouTube channel with many job video’s to see our work in action. Just search Lake Geneva Carpet Cleaning. We have cleaned over 20,000 carpets. That is a ton of experience. We can clean nylon, olefin, wool, berber, polyester, area rug’s and every other type of fiber. Part of our service that we offer is that we are available 7 days a week. We ask that you contact us asap if you should spill something on your carpet and we will do our best in helping you get out the spot over the phone. That’s customer service! We make sure every single job is done to the customer’s satisfaction!

Our satisfaction guarantee is that we will come back for no charge at your earliest convenience and clean any unsatisfactory area’s. You must call us within 10 days after the cleaning. You hire us at no risk. We are in this carpet cleaning business for the long haul. You the happy customer is what keeps us in business and we appreciate all the support from our current clients. Please call us asap if you are unhappy about anything. We will do our best to make you happy. We welcome all questions, concerns, feedback and comment’s. We cannot help, change or fix anything if we don’t know. A huge thank you to Lake Geneva, Elkhorn, Fontana, Walworth, Genoa City, Burlington, Delavan, Williams Bay, Twin Lakes and ect.

You can reach us at 262-581-6140 or Email Us