COMMONLY ASKED CUSTOMER QUESTIONS

  1. QUESTION: “How soon can I use my carpets after you clean them?”

ANSWER: The average drying time utilizing; our ‘state of the art’ method is approximately                                           

                     1-8 hours.  Please keep in mind that many factors play a role here—HUMIDITY,

                     FIBER TYPE, AND DEGREE OF TREATMENT involved in the cleaning process, etc.

                     We recommend you stay off of any damp carpet while drying. 

                     If you must walk on freshly cleaned carpet, please do not wear

                     shoes—white socks are recommended.  You may also (depending on installation)

                     notice some waves in the carpet immediately after cleaning.  This condition is

                     known as buckling and will correct itself as the carpet dries. Please be careful

                     from going from wet carpet to hard floors.  You’re feet will be very slippery and may

                    cause you to fall.

  1. QUESTION: “How often should I have my carpets/upholstery professionally cleaned?”

ANSWER: Carpet cleaning frequency will depend on the usage of the particular room or

                      piece of furniture.  Carpets are a lot like automobile tires—some wear out faster

                      than others, depending on how they are used and cared for.  Today, while soil

                      removal and appearance are still a primary concern, cleaning for health is also

                      a major factor.  Carpets are like sinks—the soil and bacteria levels continue to

                      rise until drained (cleaned).  We recommend either quarterly or semi-annual

                      cleaning for more heavily used rooms/areas (family rooms, stairs, halls).  Yearly

                      cleaning is normally satisfactory for lesser used rooms (bedrooms, spare rooms)


3.   QUESTION: “After you clean my carpets, will they re-soil more quickly?”

       ANSWER: With our state of the art extraction systems, we completely rinse out all remaining

                            residue, either from household ‘do it yourself’ cleaning agents or detergents left

                            behind by companies using outdated methods, such as shampooing or dry cleaning. 

                            We suggest you have your fine carpet and furniture treated with our protector.  This will not 

                             only insure that they stay clean longer, but will allow you to clean up any future

                             spills with less effort.


4.  QUESTION: “Can you guarantee that you will remove all of my stains?”

       ANSWER: We at Lake Geneva Carpet Cleaning guarantee you, our valued client, the

                            most thorough and professional job available. Our state of the art equipment,

                            coupled with our extensive training, will still not be able to remove certain ‘stains’.

                            Depending on the nature of the spill, some stains may indeed be permanent. We Will conduct

                             a pre-cleaning inspection with you and evaluate any existing conditions at that time.              


  5.  QUESTION: “How can I best care for my carpets/upholstery between cleanings?”

       ANSWER: Regular vacuuming and quick spot and spill treatment can keep your carpets

                          and furniture looking their best between professional cleanings.  We encourage

                          our valued customers to phone us BEFORE attempting to remove a questionable 

                          stain.  We will be more than happy to offer our assistance over the phone.


Any additional questions you may have– – – PLEASE phone or e-mail us!           

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