Carpet Cleaning Packages


Furniture Moving

Save money with this package by moving your own furniture as you feel necessary. (Our equipment can reach around and under many items eliminating the need to move them.)

Professional Vacuuming

We recommend that you pre-vacuum first and if we feel it needs more vacuuming then we will vacuum. A commercial, heavy-duty vacuum will be used to remove dry, abrasive, fiber damaging soils.

Two-Step Carpet Cleaning

First we precondition your carpets, brush applying specially formulated agents to suspend the soils if needed. Next the soils are thoroughly removed with our powerful truck mounted hot water jet extraction system. Your carpets are left deep cleaned, bright and spring fresh, with rejuvenated nap and luster.

Sanitizing Deodorizer

Carpets will be treated with a sanitizing deodorizer to help remove germs and odors. Carpets will be left clean, sanitary, and smelling as clean as they look! 

Speed Drying

While we’re cleaning, In some cases we’ll set up commercial air moving equipment to get carpets as dry as possible before we leave your home!

Staple Loose Stairs

We use a professional carpet installer electric staple gun to secure the loose carpeting on the stairs for no charge.


Special general spotting agents will be used to remove any difficult or persistent spots.


Carpet Protector

We’ll apply carpet protector to your carpet for maximum spill and soil protection. We use the best professional protector on the market. With our protector it has dye stain blockers which means if you spill a liquid you should be able to blot up the spill with a white terry cloth towel only. No need for a spot remover in most cases for a fresh liquid spill from kool aid, coffee, wine and ect. Another benefit is that you’re carpet should stay cleaner for about 6 months longer with frequent vacuuming. We’ll carefully set the pile of your carpet for maximum appearance, softness and rapid drying with a carpet rake. Carpet will be left with a beautiful, finished look!


If our general spot remover does not react to you’re spot we will have to bring in a special spotting kit along with special tools and techniques in order to try to remove the spot. This usually applies to red, filtration lines, wine, yellow, pet, blood, ink, coffee, vomit but not limited to.

CRB Scrubbing

For very heavily worn and stained carpet we will bring in a special CRB scrubbing device that has 2 counter rotating brushes that will help scrub the carpet and lift some of the carpet nap/pile after applying the pre spray. We follow it up with our normal truck mounted hot water extraction. We find that the powerful agitation may be needed for you’re carpet. It does not get any better then this for those grungy worn out carpets.

Pet Urine Decontamination

We use specially formulated professional pet treatments that work on the spot, odor and contamination. How we choose which one we will use in you’re home will be determined by if it is a cat, dog or human, if it is male or female and if it is spots here and there or only in one area over and over and also your budget and expectations. We offer one and two step pet treatments along with a total decontamination process that will decontaminate the carpet, carpet pad, carpet backing and the sub floor. For the homes that you cannot see the pet urine contamination we use a special light for inspection to see where exactly it is and also see if there is contamination from male pets on walls, baseboards and furniture.

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