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Do You Keep Cleaning & Just Cannot Remove a Foul Odor?

Have a basement that smells because of the dampness?  Get a de-humidifier, clean hard surfaces and the carpet along with the use of our machine.  Odor Gone-Problem Solved!  Now enjoy sitting in your basement without that foul musty smell.

We now have a machine that uses photo catalytic process which will clean the air, remove odors, kill some germs and eliminate poisonous gases & organic pollutants!

With this type of process you still have to clean and or remove the source of the odor.  It only treats the surfaces in the room.  It cannot penetrate anything.  If there are odors under carpet or between walls it won’t treat it or be effective.  It works on contact only.  For example if the odor comes back that means the process did not reach or touch the affected area.  That is why there is no guarantee of odor removal. For better results we recommend having the carpet & vents cleaned first.

When we setup to treat an entire home we set it up near a vent return so that it will circulate thru the entire home and be effective.

It can remove any odor.  Here are some examples: 

Skunk odor, pet odor, musty odor, mold odor, garbage odor, sewage odor, dead animal odor, body odor, fresh paint odor, flood odor, new carpet odor and much more!

This process is 100% safe for everyone and everything. No side effects.

It is being used in fire & flood restoration, Dr’s offices, nursing homes, day care centers, restaurants, night clubs, offices, hospitals, businesses, homes, beauty shops, hotels and ect.


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