Lake Geneva Carpet Cleaning Buyer Beware!

Consumers beware of carpet cleaning deals that state $99 for 3 rooms, $129-$159 for entire home and $4.95 per room.


Read the fine print. Ask if they are using the only method recommended by most carpet mills and IICRC carpet cleaning certification and training which is the truckmounted steam clean extraction machine that costs around $25,000.


Many of these cheap ads are usually too good to be true. You get what you pay for. Please use common sense and think how can a company pay all of their employees, vehicles, gas, insurance, advertising, supplies, equipment, utilities and more if they are charging such low prices? Where is the catch? Why are they not charging the correct price that good high end carpet cleaners charge? Beware of bait and switch. Many are using portable machines and untrained technicians. Where are they cutting corners?


If I could get rid of everything in my business and just sub contract all of my jobs out to one of these cheap carpet cleaners thus getting rid of all of my overhead why don’t I? I would actually profit more money. I would not get any repeat and referrals. I would get many complaints and ruin my great reputation of being a high end carpet cleaner.


Carpet cleaning tip is pre-spotting/pre-conditioner is suppose to be part of the carpet cleaning and not a added service or charge per IICRC Certification. Bait and switch tactic and fine print usually. Additional charges are usually pet treatments, red stain removal, sanitizer, protectors and moving furniture.


I am a high end carpet cleaner and have been in business for 25 years and would like to stay in business so I have to charge the appropriate prices in order to do so and to make a fair honest profit with no deception of any kind. Just hard, honest and reliable work at a competitive price.


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